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Public Notices


Route Changes:

* Watson Mall busses will go to Peirpont ATC on request from 7:00 till 5:00, the 6:00 bus will be returning from Peirpont ATC at 6:50.

* The 11:00 Morgantown Bus will be starting from FSU Campus 10:40 Squibb Wilson And 10:45 Bryant St

   then departing from depot at Monroe street at 11:00.

* Any questions or concerns call our office 304-366-8177.

* Gateway Bus will begin servicing EPMH on its return at 11:10 AM and 1:10 PM also a bus will return passengers from the

   Depot at 3:00 PM beginning Aug. 1, 2016.  We will go to the Mall on Request only.   Any Questions call our office at  304-366-8177



* Our next free 1/2 day will be Friday Oct 26,2018.

* Congradulations to Chuck Meredith, our 2017 Driver of the Year.


Monthly Board Meetings:

* Board Meetings are held on the third Monday of the month at 3:30 PM 

  400 Quincy St. Fairmont, WV